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new Charter

Post by Kastor on 13/08/15, 12:20 am

The purpose Reichswehr is to maintain military power, equality, and security to every member of Reichswehr. To prevent anything that would challenge military power, equality or security to the nations in Reichswehr and to eliminate any threat to military power, equality, or security by taking diplomatic measures before the use of force. To help member nations achieve economic, military, and social goals.

Joining Reichswehr:
Any nation wishing to join Reichswehr must apply in the relevant thread on the off-site forums and be applied to the alliance in-game.

Alliance Structure:
The Reichswehr hereby invests all power into its Reichsmarschall, who serve for life until resignation. They have power over all alliance affairs, but can delegate power to Führungsstab. Every Reichsmarschall is appointed by their predecessor. If the Reichsmarschall cannot be found, the Führungsstab will handle their duties until they return. The Reichsmarschall can create and remove Führungsstab members at any time, at their discretion. Reichsmarschall can also create any position and department at any time. The Reichsmarschall has final authority on all matters.

Expulsion from Reichswehr:
The Reichsmarschall can remove any member from Reichswehr at any time, for any reason. However, they must give the said member 24 hours to find another alliance.

Amendments to the Charter:
Any member may submit a change to the Charter. A vote will happen that will last for 24 hours. It is considered passed if the amount of voting nations is 50%+1 in favor.

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Re: new Charter

Post by Odin on 13/08/15, 01:24 am

Not new... small/short/basic/summarized/easy/too short; did read/
but not new Razz

The introduction is very repeating, rest is ok so.
Economic safety by military prowess Very Happy


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