Application requirements

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Application requirements

Post by Odin on 25/05/15, 10:50 am

Section I: Application to the Reichswehr

In order to be admitted into the Reichswehr, you must meet the following requirements:
A: You must not be in a state of war with any Alliances.
B: You must not be on any Alliance's ZI or Perma ZI list.
C: You must not owe money to any Alliances.
D: You must become a member of the blue sphere within 5 days of membership.
E: You must have an appropriate ruler and nation name.
F: You must submit the application form.

Section II: Resignation from the Reichswehr

A: It is forbidden for a nation to leave while the Reichswehr is in a state of war.
B: It is forbidden for a nation to leave while owing the Reichsbank.
C: The resignation must be submitted.
D: Departure without meeting the requirements above will be considered desertion.
F: Deserters will be shot.

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